Pay With Google? New Service From Search Giant Unveils Surprise New Feature

It’s probably safe to assume that nearly every person in possession of a credit, debit, or even a store card, has shared those card details with Google on at least one occasion.

Maybe you have made a purchase at the Google Play store. Perhaps you have added a card to Android Pay, or shared your details with YouTube, or almost certainly used them whilst browsing using Google Chrome.

Thanks to a new Google Payment API, anybody making a purchase online, using desktop or mobile, will be able to choose any of these stored card details as a payment methods in order to checkout seamlessly – and not just the ones they have stored on Android Pay.

Several payment processing giants have already signed up to work with Google’s new API, including Adyen, Braintree, Stripe, and Vantiv, with more – First Data, WorldPay, Paysafe and ACI Worldwide to name a few – set to join them soon.

Shopping cart abandonment is the bugbear of many an ecommerce retailer, and it can be caused by something as simple as a purchaser not having their card to hand at the time they wish to make their purchase.

Google, via Android Pay, has already helped ease the pain of shopping cart abandonment by allowing consumers to store their card details and make automatic payments with one click.

But to today’s super impatient consumer, sometimes even uploading card details to Android Pay feels like too much effort. So, Google are making things even simpler.

Using Pay with Google, users will be able to use any payment card that they happen to have on file with Google – and as mentioned above – that is likely to include every card in a consumer’s possession.

So if your debit card supplier has put a stop to your spending, you can easily and handily switch to that credit card you used to buy concert tickets with 6 months ago.

Or if you have recently ordered a new credit card but haven’t got around to adding the details to Android Pay. No problem, Google remembers it from when you last did your shopping online and used it at checkout.

Google’s Vice President of Payments told Tech Crunch “Payments is a key capability of the user’s Google account. Our goal is to enable users to pay with their Google account across devices, platforms and interfaces.”

When consumers get to the checkout option at any online store that uses the new Google Payments API – just a few, easy to install lines of code – they are presented with a list of saved payment cards and will be able to select which one to use. Once selected, Google manages the entirety of the rest of the process.

Google is already partnering with over 40 payment providers, and partnering with brands including Instacart, Eat24, and Postmates, with several major players; Airbnb, Stubhub, Deliveroo, Papa Johns; expected to join soon.

Its’ just another example of how Google is finding ways to use the data we all share with the search giant every day, to make our digital lives more seamless.

Be warned – it may not be always be great for your bank balance, but if saving is your thing, rest assured Google will release an “app for that” soon. And because they have so much data stored away, it is probably going to be the best savings app on the market.

One day soon, perhaps, we’ll all have Google bank accounts, to pay our Google energy bills, and Google mortgages!